We need you!


Thanks for your interest in joining Urban Rivers! We’re always looking for passionate people to join us. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • All positions are currently on a volunteer-only basis (this includes everyone, even the cofounding team). We hope to offer paid positions in 2017, and we will ideally pull from our volunteers.

  • All roles require a dedication of 2+ hrs/week (and ideally 5+ hrs/week)

The following positions are our current areas of greatest need:


Hands on Work

Calling all whom want to get their hands dirty. Planting, weeding, building. We will be looking for summer voulenteers who want to come out for an afternoon and help shape the Chicago river. Please leave your info and we will contact you in spring once we have more things to do! 

Partner Cordinator

The movement is stronger in numbers! In this position, you’ll reach out to relevant or like-minded projects and form alliances and partnerships. Think partner organizations and sponsors and in Chicago, in the United States, and worldwide who focus on: urban river rehabilitation, habitat restoration, innovative environmental projects.

  • Engage with Corporations that support environmental projects via in-house grants and donations

  • Learn from nonprofits as to what philanthropic organizations support environmental projects

  • Uncover corporates with riverfront property & gauge their interest for an installation



Our team wants to have students contribute to our project and partake in real science. We put together a NGSS-focused curriculum for students 4th-6th grade and looking for a dedicated individual to manage this project. In this role, you’ll:

  • Reach out to schools for pilot sessions

  • Guide schools through the process of administering our curriculum

  • Gather student and teacher feedback

  • Learn from program and improve the curriculum

Graphic Design

The river is a public trust, at Urban Rivers we want to engage with people in the most meaningful ways possible. This means creating unique and innovative web pages to show what our rivers are about. We want to create guides to our project. Accompanying pages to our educational resources, infographics and more

  • Great design skills
  • Javascript proficiency is a huge plus

Grant Coordinator

We’re looking for strong writers to assist our team in writing grants and conveying our vision.

  • Research grants that fit our mission

  • Organize grant due dates and timelines

  • Write grants and review with team members

Urban Rivers has a voice and we want everyone to hear it!

  • Consistently update and post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Get community involved in social media activities

  • Write blogs and reach out to freelance writers

  • Re-tweet, re-gram, re-everything you like about our partners and donors

Social Media Coordinator