$10M+ in grants for the Hudson and Detroit Rivers

By Joshua Yellin


$10M of government money has found its way to the Detroit and Hudson Rivers in recent months--$7M for the Detroit and $3M for the Hudson. Read more details here:


  1. Friends of the Detroit River just received $4,8M in government funding to restore fish and wildlife habitat as part of their Stony Island restoration project, which is actually in addition to $2.3M they received for this project in February. This makes a total of over $7M in the past few months.

  2. Governor Cuomo of New York Announced $3 Million to Improve Hudson River Access and Environmental Protections. About half of that money has been allocated to 36 projects on the river, and the remaining has yet to be allocated.


This is extremely encouraging for Urban Rivers, as our fundraising efforts have just gotten in full-swing and we are dreaming big. Our efforts have primarily been in open grants and RFPs (requests for proposals), with a crowdfunding campaign also slated for this Fall. We, as an organization, believe this is still the right starting point our fundraising to grow our following, prove our concept, and scale our infrastructure. However, these massive grants that came through for the Detroit and Hudson came from battles fought by Governors and Senators to get government funding allocated for their regions.


This is a reminder to all environmental nonprofits that millions of dollars are out there, ready to be used for environmental projects. Urban rivers are especially primed for this, as they are at the intersection of cities, wildlife, water issues, and recreation. With the right vision and the right connections, the Detroit and Hudson Rivers are proof that a lot is possible and that you don’t have to think small.


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