Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for your interest in joining Urban Rivers! We’re always looking for passionate people to join us. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • All positions are currently on a volunteer-only basis (this includes everyone, even the cofounding team). We hope to offer paid positions in 2017, and we will ideally pull from our volunteers.

  • All roles require a dedication of 2+ hrs/week (and ideally 5+ hrs/week)

  • All positions will be updated frequently 

Graphic DesignEr

The way people see us is important... Help us to create unique and innovative web pages to show what we are all about.

  • Help us maintain our infographics as a nonprofit

  • Create ‘guides’ for our projects, educational resources and more

  • Javascript proficiency is a huge plus

Grant Writer

As a non-profit, our funding relies upon grant’s and other large donations...help us broaden our horizons.

  • Help research grants and other large donor opportunities

  • Organize the timing of grant writing

  • Work with other teammates to write and edit grant’s that display our mission

Web Developer

As we grow as a company, we need a web developer to help develop the webpage as we expand. This volunteer would help with...

  • Creating a web app, which would allow for users uploading photos, logging data, and allow for researchers/volunteers to view this information

  • Currently using AWS for backend, in pair with Heroku

  • The App is programmed with Ruby, but we are considering changing this.

  • Proficiency in JavaScript is highly preferred.